Explain data and inspire

Interactive, short data presentations

Pointcast is the new way to get attention with data stories. The innovative user paradigm is focusing on effective cognitive information perception. It allows readers to catch complex information most efficiently. Pointcast directly links concise narratives to explanatory visuals.

The web-based stories can be easily distributed and viewed on any device. They can be integrated in existing websites or directly shared on social media.

Pointcast data stories are used as teasers to promote extensive reports. Any kind of digital reports can be told with Pointcast, for instance financial reports or management reports.

Concise, short, and well-structured text elements.
Fast perception
Paradigm ensure effective and efficient cognitive perception.
Explanatory visuals are directly linked to texts.
Web technology
Optimized responsive design which can be easily distributed.
Social media
Stories can be directly shared on social media.
Cloud hosting
Stories can be published in the cloud or hosted on premises.


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